Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday Silliness Cinema: These Are People Who Died

Welcome to the show folks...

Today I take my usual break from ranting and raving about the business behind pop culture to have a laugh. This time it is a laugh tinged with sadness, because we're looking at what became a pretty harsh month for stand-up comedy. Let's just say that no hacks died in September, only good ones.

September 3 saw the passing of comedian Robert Schimmel, who survived heart attacks, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and two divorces, only to die in a car accident. Now his comedy was very sexually explicit, but he transcended his material by going beyond simple dirty words and sexual situations to deal with the embarrassment and awkwardness inherent in those situations in a style that can be described as uncensored in every sense of the word. Sit back and enjoy, but make sure you're wearing headphones because this language and subject matter is EXTREMELY NSFW.

September 29th marked the passing of Greg Giraldo, who died from a drug overdose after performing at an addiction awareness benefit, thus adding the sort of irony he loved to exploit in his appearances on the Comedy Central Roasts. Giraldo's specialty was rage, but where lesser comedians simply ranted and raved, hoping more for cheers of agreement than laughter, Giraldo worked for laughs and worked very hard.

Here's an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, enjoy it.

Let's remember these great comedians for the laughs, I think they would have wanted it that way.

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