Monday, 15 November 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #630: WTF & Walking Lost?

Welcome to the show folks....


Well, in fine comic book tradition the folks behind the Spider-Man musical have done a fashion shoot with Vogue to show off their production, here are some of the pictures...

You know, these pictures don't really keep me from thinking that this show will be at least eight kinds of suck. Green Goblin looks like a rejected Cirque De Soleil trapeze act, Swiss Miss looks like Grace Jones covered herself in glue and then rolled across a heap of broken disco balls and into Lady GaGa's closet, and Carnage looks like a 1970's action figure that Little Billy put in the microwave.

I think the investors behind this multimillion dollar clusterfark would have been better off building a musical around this...

Think about it! You could build a romantic comedy around that song, call it
The Elements of Love, cast Radcliffe as a lovelorn scientist, the chick from Glee as his love interest, and Christopher Walken as the ghost of Albert Einstein dispensing romantic advice with a script by David Mamet, and some extra songs by Lady Gaga you would have a monster hit!


That's what the fragrant folks at Movieline are thinking. Mostly it's because of the show's portrayal of the survivors trying to form a fledgling society without resources and rules of a functioning world to rely on.

Hopefully that's as far as the comparison goes.

Thankfully, unlike
Lost, The Walking Dead has years of story-lines from the original comic book to fall back on. While some folks are cynical that some of the books more horrifying moments will make it to the small screen, The Walking Dead writers won't have to resort to the Lost strategy of piling on inexplicable mystery plot twists, to cover up the holes they've dug for themselves, and then accuse anyone who accuse them of not knowing what they were doing of being too stupid to "get it."

Good luck to The Walking Dead, the reviews are good, and the ratings are excellent. Just keep the drama coming, and if you wrap up the series by having Rick Grimes wake up to find Bobby Ewing in the shower, I will slap someone.

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