Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #633: Drippings From My Brain Pan

Welcome to the show folks...


The casting search has begun for a new Superman for the latest reboot, this time overseen by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder.

Word is it that they're looking for an unknown actor for the part. That's a pretty good idea from my point of view, because most "A-List" leading men cost too much money, carriy too much baggage and don't have the guarantee with the box office that they once had. Superman is also a tricky role to cast because it is essentially two completely different parts. You have the brave, hunky Superman, and the milquetoast nebbish Clark Kent and making them both believable is very hard to pull off.

Now might I suggest a certain actor who already has some experience in playing a superhero...
Now I know that's not Superman, but it's from my time playing Robin in the un-aired pilot for a 1980s revival of the Batman TV show. Apparently those uptight network suits didn't think an intoxicated, foul mouthed Robin breaking gin bottles on the Riddler's head while cursing like a longshoreman was a good idea for a "family time" show. Bastards.


I know this will probably get a contract put on me, but VH-1 has given the greenlight to a reality show called Mob Wives from the Weinstein Brothers and Ben Silverman's new company Electus.

I'm predicting big hair, harsh nasal accents, and a small audience of people who are only watching in the vain hope that the show might get someone killed.


They've hired some big legal guns for a fight with the MPAA over the ratings given to The
King's Speech (Rated R) and Blue Valentine (Rated NC-17).

My prediction, a lot of legal wrangling that will be used by the Weinsteins as the chief excuse for not actually releasing either movie.


Warner Bros. is really keen on making a movie based on the 60s spy show The Man From Uncle and are in talks with Stephen Soderbergh to direct it.

Soderbergh is looking for a new franchise for films people might actually pay to see after a few recent disappointments at the box office. However George Clooney is interested in joining the show, despite being a tad too old for the 30 something Napoleon Solo.

That could end up being a repeat of their previous Ocean's 11+ film franchise. That franchise had a good opening, but suffered from increasing costs, coupled with increased audience dissatisfaction and decreasing returns. Soderbergh would be better with casting someone relatively new and unknown actor, or just go and cast John Hamm as Napoleon Solo, and that guy who's currently playing Thor for Marvel as Ilya Kuryakin.

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  1. Ilya Kuryakin? That's too retro. We're more or less friends with the Russians now, so Solo's pardner will have to be a radical Iranian Iman or former Paki Taliban member.