Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #651: Random Drippings From My Brain Pan!

Welcome to the show folks...

With the Xmas season starting my posting may become a tad erratic, until after Boxing Day. Please be patient if I'm not up every day, it's a busy time of the year for me, and a slow time for the sort of news that gets my dander up.

So here's some little bits to fill the great void the sits in the middle of your soul....


Not that a major Hollywood conglomerate like Disney/ABC would put the screws to a business partner in the way they are accused of screwing the creators of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I am shocked and appalled that the court has rejected their first round of appeals of the $300+ million judgment.

All is not lost for Disney/ABC, there are still appeals to be filed, ensuring that the winners of the lawsuit will be getting their pension checks before they get one from Disney.


Lucasfilm has settled a civil action brought by the Justice Department over their little hiring scheme that they hatched with neighbor, and supposed competitor Pixar. The deal was that if one had laid claim to a potential employee, the other would not compete, and that they wouldn't try to poach each others animators or techinicians.

Now at first glance you might think that they're just being civil, but the real reason they did this is to SUPPRESS SALARIES.

You see when competitors compete, they compete on all levels. They compete for audiences in the theaters, and they compete for the sort of talent that puts bums in those theater seats. That means spending money to outbid each other for the best and brightest.

That's the natural order of things, and it is called capitalism.

However, when alleged competitors work together, they can keep salaries artificially low. That is called COLLUSION, and it is a twee bit illegal.

Sounds like Lucas and Pixar were both dabbling in the dark side.


Comedian and talk show host George Lopez has announced that he's running for mayor of Los Angeles. Let's look at his resume and compare to that of current LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (AKA Tony Vilar).

GEORGE LOPEZ is a comedian.

ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA is considered a joke.

GEORGE LOPEZ took his wife's kidney, then they got divorced.

ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA took his wife's last name, then got caught tapping an anchorwoman and got divorced.

GEORGE LOPEZ has worked in comedy clubs, then a sitcom, and currently a late night talk show.

ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA can't practice law because he can't pass the bar exam, so his career has been spent between working for government employee unions, activist groups, and elected offices.

My advice- Lopez's campaign slogan should be:
"I can't be any worse."

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  1. George Lucas is an asshole, what else is new. What do you expect from an industry that has no accountability, is James L Brooks going to answer to blowing $150 mil on a romantic comedy, NO.

    It is about time the trade guilds, unions and investors joined forces and put these hollywood ego's asses over the fire.