Monday, 27 December 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #652: Snark Attack!

Welcome to the show folks...

This being the interregnum between the love and fellowship of Christmas and the drunken revelry/debauchery of New Year's, it's slow for the sort of pop culture business news that I like to rant and rave about. So here are a few random snarks to entertain you until something interesting happens.

1. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is reportedly inking some lucrative book and movie deals. I wonder how much he's going to freak out when his galleys and script get leaked on the internet.

2. Hugh Hefner has gotten engaged, again, this time to a 24 year old Playboy Playmate. Now before you pass judgment, I have to say that this relationship is not about sex. It's because this young lady is Hef's perfect match. That's a beautiful thing, because he's really going to need that kidney.

Anyway, his proposal was so romantic. The moon was in the sky, soft music was playing, Hef looked deep into her eyes and said those three little words: "Who are you?"

Even at his age, it's pretty much guaranteed that Hefner will have her screaming during the honeymoon. Too bad it will be things like: "IS HE BREATHING? IS HE BREATHING?"

3. Actor Richard Chamberlain, who is openly gay, said that it's probably better for gay actors pursuing leading man roles should stay in the closet.

Personally, I think all actors should be in the closet, whether they are gay or straight.


Because I'm sick and tired of the constant coverage of celebrity's personal lives. Maybe a nice moratorium on such coverage will help stars get their own lives in order, and teach the world not to waste their time caring about who anyone is sleeping with.

Of course, if that happened I wouldn't be able to do these snarky filler posts.

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