Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #670: Casting Conundrums

Welcome to the show folks...

Right now the folks behind the
Superman reboot have their Superman and are now looking for their Lois Lane, sparking lots of speculating over who is being considered, who should be considered, and who should never go near the part.

It's a tricky job, and not because every decision will be second guessed by legions of fan-boys who can and will find fault if it so pleases them. It will be tricky to cast, because Lois Lane is a tricky character for an actor to sell to the audience.

Think about these points:

1. Lois Lane is supposed to be a top flight investigative reporter, yet she can't seem to figure out that Clark Kent is Superman wearing glasses.

2. Lois Lane can be pushy, insensitive, self-centered, and more than willing and able to walk all over someone to get a story and advance her career.

3. Lois Lane's ambition and desire to get "the big scoop" often puts her in dangerous situations where she needs to be rescued by Superman.

If done wrong Lois Lane can come across not as a plucky heroine, but as an unpleasant narcissistic moron. That's why they need not only a well written script to handle these issues, but an actress with the ability and , above all, charm to get away with it.

Without that the character either becomes an annoying pest, always getting in the way of progress, or just a blank non-entity who is just there, but not really contributing much to the story.

So I'm opening up the comments for you, my loyal and fragrant readers, to tell me who you think should play the part.


  1. Nolan would do Lois Lane correct, partly because we've seen him do female love interests correctly in his films and partly because of his love and understanding of james bond films. That is to say, James Bond always gets the girl in the end, and that is what men and boys gravitate to in superhero stories. Lois Lane is ambitious and ruthless, but ultimately worth the effort and not someone to be admired from afar like Bryan Singer's gay superman.
    So Nolan must remember: Bond gets Pussy, Deckard gets Rachel, Bruce almost had Rachel

  2. Anne Hathaway, maybe?

  3. Dirty McDingus sezs:
    Still find it funny how warner is trying to shovel this turd out the door before the rights flip over to the original creators family~ I expect a Corman Classic Super-duperdude by christmas!~ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  4. I'd like to see Lois Lane NOT be the love interest for a change. In the 50s Superman TV show and the 40s cartoons Lane was just a friend.

    It would be original to tie the love interest to the villain some way.