Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #683: Random Snark Attack!

Welcome to the show folks...

Sorry no blog yesterday. Bit of a dental emergency, basically I was having some nasty pain in the pie-hole. Turns out I have to get a wisdom tooth yanked next week, but enough of my problems, it's time for me to channel my pain into one of my patented RANDOM SNARK ATTACKS!!!

1. Veteran newsman and veteran of the Spanish-American War Larry King has announced that he is going to do a one man show about himself. It's going to be called: Where Am I, Who Are You People, & Why Are You Looking At Me?

2. Warner Bros. announced that they're doing a remake of 90s hit The Bodyguard.


Here are the possible reasons:

A) They're out of ideas.

B) Original ideas scare them.

C) Dolly Parton is holding the children of Warner's bosses hostage demanding a new cover version of her "I Will Always Love You" song.

D) They really hate the audience and think they are all idiots.

E) They're looking for a starring vehicle for Ashton Kutcher and Ke$ha.

F) All of the above.

3. Charlie Sheen wants to do another sequel to his 90s hit Major League. His plan is to play the coach of a team made up of the pink elephants and enchanted elves he thinks live under his water-bed.

Hopefully, there will be something to rant about tomorrow. Until next time!


  1. My sympathy on the Wisdom Tooth thing.

    Had mine yanked about 25 years ago or so. Hopefully the anesthetic procedures have improved in the intervening years. :)

    On the plus side they usually give you pretty good drugs to deal with the aftermath.

  2. If it's pain killers you need maybe you should talk to Charlie...

  3. I'm not on any painkillers stronger than Advil. Any incoherence is purely mine.

    Ooh the colors....the colors... I can see the music...

    I should check the best before date on that bottle....