Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #721: Random Drippings From My Brain Pan


Remember how when I write about independent film I tell you how it's a very risky business, and how the whole thing could blow up in your face at any minute, even when you're doing your best.

Well, I've been proven right yet again.

Three year old independent producer The Film Department has gone under, but here is the ironic part, it collapsed even though the company was making money.

That's right, not even making money can save you, especially when the international credit crunch has scared your panicky creditors into sucking up all the money you bring in.

It's a damn crying shame to see yet another company sink.


The National Association of Theater Owners wants to peruse the data coming in from the DirecTV premium Video On Demand "experiment." The experiment is to premiere movies on this service just 8 weeks after their theatrical release for $29.99 a movie. The theater people wants to see the data to see just how it may affect their business, which is natural.

Except I doubt the studios will let them see a single digit, and will hurl any lame excuse to cover their butts, and cover up what money is going in and out.

This is a grievous double standard. Under the near century old rules the control the relations between theaters and studios demand a great amount of transparency on the part of the theaters. The theaters have to report every penny that comes in from ticket sales to the studios, and report them fast. The studios need that information because it directly affects their business.

Well the theaters want to learn if this P-VOD thing will directly affect their business, which is why they want to see it.

But the studios will never let them see it without a direct order from the Supreme Court, and a battalion of National Guardsmen storming their offices to form a beachhead for NATO's accountants, and even then the studio's lawyers would file an appeal to the secret alien lizard people cabal who really rule the world.

Personally, this is not how you're supposed to treat your partner, but studio's don't really get the real meaning of partnership.

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