Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday Silliness Cinema: My Little Watchmen

While Blogger is still acting up a bit, it seems to be functioning again. So let's take a break from my usual ranting about pop culture and the business behind it for a little laugh.

Today, a trailer that shows that if Zack Snyder went cute instead of gritty, his movie Watchmen would have made more money.

PS: If anyone knows the name(s) of the music playing in the background let me know. Trying to remember where I heard it before is bugging me.


  1. I can't get away from these ponies...

  2. CrisisEraDynamo15/5/11 2:29 am

    Long time reader, first-time poster.

    The song is called "Take a Bow." The artist is Muse.

  3. Thank you CrisisEraDynamo, and feel free to comment more often.

  4. A big improvement over the original, IMO.