Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #789: Is It Just Me Or Is This A Trend

If you're like me, without the genius intellect & devilishly handsome good looks, and you read a lot of articles and reports, and blog postings and other crap about independent movies, you might have spotted something that keeps popping up.

I'm talking about the shot of two people sitting uncomfortably together, usually on a couch, or bench.

Allow me to illustrate with a few examples:
We Need To Talk About Kevin

Bart Got A Room

Lars & The Real Girl
(While Lars seems fine with everything, the Real Girl is definitely uncomfortable)

Win, Win

I've seen it in other places about other indie films, but these were the easiest ones for me to find during the fit of paranoia, whimsy, and boredom that drove me to write this.

Now I must ask: Why are these photos the way they are?

Is it because indie films don't have much money, so they did the publicity stills in the cheapest and quickest way possible?

Is it because they all had the same still photographer and he's definitely got some sort of a fetish?

Or is it all supposed to be symbolic, a visual Da Vinci Code for indie films?

Think about it. We have actors as the center of attention, no distracting locations, special effects, or stunts, showing the world that they're "indie" by looking very non-glamorous, in what can only be a story about awkward people in the sort of awkward situation that you can only find in an independent movie.

Do you see it too? It just screams "indie film."

I'm not paranoid, I'm just paying attention.


Hmmm... why are men in white coats with butterfly nets at my door?

Oh, crap, not again!

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  1. Earlier precedent, and not exactly an "arty, indie film": the poster for Planes Trains and Automobiles