Monday, 8 August 2011

No Blog Today I Have Teh Dumb

Today is one of those days. It's been raining non-stop and I haven't seen a stitch of sunlight, plus there's not much stuff going on that really sends a blog-post worthy wind of ire up my kilt today.

I am getting more questions, both here, and via e-mail, and I will try to answer them by Friday, because I have to do a little digging for some answers.

So entertain yourselves tonight, and hopefully I'll have something to gripe about tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, Furious D, love the show! I have a question. Do you think Robert Pattinson will ever live playing Edward Cullen down? From the looks of things Kristen Stewart's doing ok for herself, but Pattinson... I don't know, he seems to keep doing the kinds of characters that can't eclipse (ha! ... okay, sorry) the way everyone sees him as Edward. Or maybe it's just his acting and he's going to fade into obscurity once Twilight finishes. What say you?