Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Six Seasons & A Movie...

Had a really busy day today, and while I was being so busy the news sort of slowed to a crawl when it came to the sort of things I rant about, so here's a funny little video that may inspire you to support the currently benched NBC sitcom Community...


  1. Dirty McDingus sezs:
    It's good to see a show fade away with a smile isn't it?

  2. But ... Furious - what form would our "support" for a benched sitcom take? Internet petitions? Bombarding NBC with e-mails? I mean what can we do?

  3. Boycotting Whitney & 30 Rock, the shows Community was benched to make room for won't work, because most of the audience is boycotting them already. HA!

    Anyhoo... I'm all for any action that might make NBC think twice about cancelling it. Try those tactics you mentioned, and maybe buy the DVD box sets of the previous seasons.

  4. Sorry,

    Community started out strong and was funny but insulted me way too many times. Gratuitous insults by the way.

  5. DVD sets already bought...boycotting 30 Rock and Whitney...check! Community has it's ups & downs, like any TV show, but I will be one unhappy comet zombie if it goes the way of Better Off Ted.

  6. "Community" insulted you, personally? Note that I never saw a single episode of the show. What was it about?