Wednesday, 9 May 2012


That's right, another open thread dedicated to you asking me questions. I will unravel the mysteries of pop culture and the business behind it, or at least fake my way through it.

So go to the comments and ASK ME ANYTHING!


  1. Soonertroll10/5/12 4:45 am

    What are the unrealalistic chances of Disney & Fox doing a Avengers Vs X-Men movie?

    Could something like that be made for less then $500 million?

  2. Why are critics obsessed with Michael Bay? I get that they don't like his movies but it's gone way beyond that. For example, just a few days ago I came across a derogatory reference to Bay in a review of a 1940s French drama, of all things.

  3. Will the massive success of the Avengers after its 4 movie build up change the way film companies try to advertise their product?

    Given the overall success of Marvels movie brand as a whole what are the chances of more groups of movies set in a shared universe without being sequels/prequels to each other?

  4. Why does Universal want to make a sequel to the 2010 semi-indie-hit Kick-Ass? Is it because The Hunger Games just proved that there's a mainstream audience for kids murdering? And maybe also dropping C-bombs?