Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Trailer Trashing: The Dark Knight Rises

Here's the trailer for the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises.  Watch it, then let me tell you what I think...

The first thing I noticed was the quiet.

Where most superhero movies try to hammer you with the deafening roar of loud explosions and bombastic music this trailer goes in the opposite direction.  The music is subtle, there are no sound effects like gunshots and explosions, and the only other sound comes from snippets of dialogue.

The dialogue itself is ominous and foreboding.  It tells of a great disaster, on befitting the conclusion of this saga.  Accompanied by images of destruction, chaos, and despair, lightly salted with flickers of potential hope, as Gotham is literally torn apart by the forces of villainy with the music growing, not in volume, but in intensity as clips come in showing the good guys starting to fight back.

Whoever put together this trailer knew what they were doing. It captures Nolan's treatment, nay reinvention, of the superhero genre perfectly.  Nolan redefined the origin story in Batman Begins, turned The Dark Knight into a massive crime epic that just happened to involve men in costumes.

This trailer gives the viewer the message that the transformation Nolan started is coming to an extremely dramatic conclusion.

It does everything a trailer should do.

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