Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ask Me Anything!

It's been a while so I'm putting out one of my calls for any and all questions pertaining to pop culture and the business behind it.

So click the comments, leave a question, and I'll pretend that I know the answer!


  1. Ok Rainforest Giant,

    First, what is the technical name for a cartoon's sound effects guy? Is it the same as Foley(sp?) guy? Second, can anyone make a Barsoom movie or does uncle Walt own the brand now? Third, why does Cruise stick with Scientology?

    Hubbard bet Clarke he could invent a religion. Clarke say's, 'I lost.' So who could take it seriously?

  2. Why haven't I seen a really good new film in months?

    No, I'm serious. I returned to movie reviewing three years ago and after an initial burst of enthusiasm, I'm played out. I've come to dread entering a theatre or cracking open a disc that isn't a Blu-ray reissue of some Hollywood classic whose basic craftsmanship is fairly guaranteed (as long as it wasn't made after 1962.) I've been underwhelmed or outright disappointed in a half dozen new films I was anticipating eagerly for years. The thought of watching a new film - ANY new film - has become as acutely painful as it once was to sit down at a screening of a Canadian film in the waning days of Telefilm's last production bonanza.

    Really, this is having an impact on my life, and my livelihood. Any thoughts?