Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hollywood Babble On & On #925: It's Only Rock & Roll But You Need It!

Guess what folks. Some producers are filming a movie about the life of legendary 60s guitar deity Jimi Hendrix starring Andre "3000" Benjamin, and Imogen "I Love Her Last Name" Poots called All Is By My Side.

Now that's good news for aging nostalgia addled boomers and Jimi Hendrix fans, but there's a catch.

Now this is a case of doing a really bad job at being a producer.

I've written about being a producer before, but this story means I have to expand my arguments.

You see while the director is usually credited as the "maker" of the film, it is the job of the producer to GET THE FILM MADE.

When a film is to be made the producer's first job is to make sure that they have everything they need to make the film.

There are the obvious things that every film needs like money, cast, crew, equipment, costumes, props, sets, and locations, but there are other needs that are unique to the particular type of project you're producing.

One obvious example is a movie about the life of a famous musician. The one thing you need to make that type of film work is THE FAMOUS MUSICIAN'S SONGS.

You do not start filming until AFTER you have the rights to the songs secured, because their plan of having Andre 3000 cover the Beatles and other 1960s songs as Jimi Hendrix sounds kind lame and it makes the film and its producers look ridiculous.

Do any producers in Hollywood know what producers are supposed to do anymore?

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  1. No rights to his music, This project is so set for success.

    It is like doing a Beatles or Elvis film, and you cannot used their music.