Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hollywood Babble On & On #1013: You Want Star Wars? Then Choke On Star Wars!

I meant to get to this earlier but Disney announced that they're hoping to put out a new Star Wars movie EVERY FREAKING YEAR.

Let's look at the PROS & CONS of this idea:


1. People are hungry for more Star Wars, and this will be more Star Wars happening than ever before.

2. They're following the model that their division Marvel's been following when it comes to a nearly constant output of Marvel movies.


1. This means a nearly constant stream of bogus "leaks" by the minions of JJ Abrams spreading rumours of things that probably won't be in the movies.

2. This could create a logjam within the studio considering how inefficient studio development can be.

3. The Marvel model may not be the exact thing to emulate, since it is, in fact, half a dozen individual franchises that are only connected via the elements of The Avengers franchise. Star Wars is different because all the movies have been centred around Darth Vader and his family. The rumours coming out, which might be all lies since this is a JJ Abrams production, is that they're probably going to somehow continue along that vein. 

That is 1 franchise, not a half-dozen franchises set within the same universe.

To make it viable they need to create new characters and new franchises within the greater Star Wars universe. Some can be found in the "expanded universe" material done in books and comics, but Disney hasn't given any sign they're interested in doing anything with that material. In fact, there are reports that they intend to scrap it all.

Which makes me worry about this plan.


  1. Blast Hardcheese24/4/13 5:30 pm

    The news leaves me with one line in my head:

    "THIS time, we didn't forget the gravy...."

    If that doesn't make you cringe, you didn't watch enough Saturday morning cartoons.

  2. Oooo! I love that cartoon. The problem with Chuck Jones cartoons is that WB puts out their cartoon DVDs so in order to get all the Jones or Clampett ones, you also have to buy all the crap. B'tards.

    As for putting out a SWs every year, the last time Disney decided to do something like that their animation department melted down with ever spiraling quality right into the garbage bin. I note that Dreamworks decided on the same plan recently and guess what? Same deal.

    I've been wondering when SW was going to hit it's expiration date as it just seems to keep chugging along. If any one can kill it, I have faith that Disneycorp can make a mighty good try.

  3. Sounds like what Lucas did before with SW related products set tangently to the primary universe. Like the Ewoks movies & cartoons not to mention the "droid" cartoons.

    Disney could be smart and ape Marvel even more by just adapting some of the SW comics. SW:Tales series was a random vignette of things taking place across the galaxy. Then there's comics taking place in the far past (even before the prequels) and far future (involving Luke's descendant). Letting each of them run their own franchise but staggering them could work out really well. They could even lead up to a huge crossover like Avengers which the comics ended up doing with SW:V.E.C.T.O.R. (though I haven't got to read it yet)

    Still, smart money is on a screw up.

  4. I'm increasingly surprised that Disney hasn't released remastered editions of the original versions of the older Star Wars movies on DVD / BluRay. Get rid of all the lousy additions George Lucas shoved down the fan's throats. This would result in instant money, and make the fans happy, buying Disney further cred.

    Hell, release the Star Wars Holiday Special. It was always incredibly petty of Lucas to have had just a bug up his butt about that.