Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hollywood Babble On & On #1022: Fall TV Preview: The CW.

The broadcast networks are putting out their Fall TV schedules and the CW is up first. So let's take a look and toss in a few dollops of snark where it's needed...

New shows are in UPPER CASE & BOLD; NN=New Night
8-9 PM – Hart Of Dixie (NN)
9-10 PM – Beauty And The Beast (NN)
This is a spin off from their teen vampire soap-opera The Vampire Diaries which is also based on the premise that walking corpses that feed on the living are somehow sexy to teenage girls.
9-10 PM – Supernatural (NN)
8-9 PM – Arrow
A bastardization re-imagining of a British science fiction show from the 1970s. The original show was about average looking teens who develop superpowers and defend the world from alien invaders. All of the promo-materials say that this is about a bunch of 20 something models with superpowers who defend themselves from sinister corporate/government types in suits.
As someone who actually watched the original show when he was but a wee shaver I feel compelled to rate this a "Feh."
I also doubt this new show will have the same trippy opening credits as the original...
When you're 5 years old that's as good as peyote.
8-9 PM – The Vampire Diaries
9-10 PM – REIGN
It's allegedly about Mary Queen of Scots, but a preview clip I saw made me think it was about a bunch of California mall rats forced by their parents to participate at a Ren Faire.
8-9 PM – The Carrie Diaries (NN)
Moving this show to a dead night for its target demo tells me that they want to cancel it, but spent too much money putting it on the air to just give up on it at this stage.
9-10 PM – America’s Next Top Model

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  1. Why is Supernatural still on?

  2. Rodimus90317/5/13 1:20 am

    Why is supernatural still on?

    Furious D, I can answer that question with another question.

    What in this line up appeals to the majority of males?

    Answer: Arrow and Supernatural.

    They have no shows that are directed at males that probably attract females for the hot alpha males that are not sparkly vampires and actually act unapologetically male but those two shows.

    you know, I actually find that rather sad, from 79-89 I can off the top of my head think of a show that was aimed at males that is still popular today. A-Team, Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider, Air Wolf. Hell, even lesser known shows such as Greatest American Hero and Street Hawk have their fans and name recognition even today. In the last two decades, I can think of only a few network shows aimed at males with any name recognition: Person of Interest, Chuck, Heroes,Fringe, 24 and I might be persuaded to include Smallville if it weren't so soap operish. With the exception of 24 or Smallville, I don't know if any of these shows are even going to be remembered in another 10 years.

    Corey Ashcraft

  3. As the premiere SPN fan (in my own head) I can answer that.

    Show concluded at season 5, per Kripke's story design. But CW couldn't let it go (I believe it's one of its highest, most consistent performers) and so offered... well too much money to turn down. Kripke went upstairs on his own accord (a show creator with common sense I think).

    Corey above is also right on. Heck, Jared & Jensen just on TV are several times the action stars many movie heroes are. (really, i watched "Dylan Dog" the other day and Brandon Roth SUUUUUCKED)