Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hollywood Babble On & On #1147: Fall TV Sneak Peak! CBS!


(New programs in BOLD and UPPER CASE with some added snark, all times ET/PT)

8 PM – The Big Bang Theory/2 Broke Girls

8:30 PM – Mom

9 PM – SCORPION - Premise: A gang of misfit geniuses work with a grizzled FBI agent to solve the nation's crises. 

I'm a tad uncertain of this, since handling crisis events like international terrorism or espionage could potentially offend someone whose opinion matters to CBS management, so it has the potential to become a "domestic militia or Christian religious nut of the week" show very quickly. Then it will slip into the Offend/Bore matrix, and could be canned by mid-season.

10 PM – NCIS: Los Angeles


9 PM – NCIS: NEW ORLEANS According to CBS the US Navy is a hotbed of homicide. On the upside it ensures that Scott Bakula will be on television somewhere, which is an FCC licensing requirement.

10 PM – Person Of Interest

8 PM – Survivor

9 PM – Criminal Minds

10 PM – STALKER - 2 sexy cops handle cases of sex-obsessed stalkers who are stalking sexy people. Feh.

8-11 PM ET – NFL THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Sept 11-Oct 23) - "Are you ready for some football!?!" 

Beginning Oct 30:

8 PM – The Big Bang Theory

8:30 PM – The Millers

9 PM – Two And A Half Men - Is starting its 12th and final season. While the show was crap, it was nice to see Jon Cryer make some decent money.

9:30 PM – THE MCCARTHYSPremise  They're Irish, they're loud, they're sports obsessed. I can't bring myself to care.

10 PM – Elementary

8 PM – The Amazing Race

9 PM – Hawaii Five-0

10 PM – Blue Bloods

8 PM – Crimetime Saturday - reruns.

9:00 PM – Crimetime Saturday - reruns.

10 PM – 48 Hours

7 PM – 60 Minutes - Yes, it's still on.

8 PM – MADAM SECRETARY Premise- A feisty, sexy female secretary of state solves the world's problems on a weekly basis.

Conservatives will shit on it as an overly-idealized campaign ad for Hillary Clinton, and liberals will be bored out of their skulls. Good shot of cancellation by mid-season.

9 PM – The Good Wife

10 PM – CSI/CSI: CYBER - Premise: Patricia Arquette plays the head of an elite team of cyber-crime busters chasing pornographers, identity thieves, and bloggers who say nasty things about the CBS network.


MID-SEASON: BATTLE CREEK - Premise: A rough cop in the woe-fully underfunded, under appreciated police department of Battle Creek Michigan is partnered with a slick agent from the well-funded FBI.

The biggest problem I can identify with this show is that it's Vince Gilligan's follow-up to Breaking Bad, and that is an extremely tough act to follow.

Let me know what you folks think in the comments.

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  1. I hope Madam Secretary consults with Jimmy Smits' former Supreme Court Justice from Outlaw, that would be rad. Any chance they move Amazing Race back to Sundays after Madam Secretary is cancelled after about four weeks?