Monday, 1 September 2014

Hollywood Babble On & On #1175: Naked Photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

Okay, how many of you clicked on this blog because the title promised naked photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence?

Come on, you know who you are.

Raise your free hand.

Well, here's what you wanted nude selfies of Jennifer Lawrence:
The cat's name is Jennifer Lawrence.



Why am I scolding you for wanting to see them?

Well, I'm not a prude, I like the female form as much as the next heterosexual male, and I'm quite happy to ogle, and occasionally leer at female beauty, and Jennifer Lawrence is a very beautiful woman.

However, I do believe that there's a lot of wrong going on with the pictures.

Not on the part of Jennifer Lawrence for doing the photos.

That's her business. She can photograph whatever she wants, she's a consenting adult.

What's wrong is for some hacker to just help himself to her most private property and cast it out for all the world to see.

You, not only was it Miss Lawrence's right to take the photos, it's also her right to decide what to do with them, because the photos are her property.

There are those who are saying that there are things that Jennifer Lawrence should have done, or shouldn't have done, but they are all missing the point.

The hacker committed a crime to steal those photos in order to make them public. The hacker who stole the photos and hundreds more like them is the person who did something wrong and should be the object of scorn and derision.

Thus endeth my lecture.


  1. Rainforest Giant5/9/14 6:12 pm

    If the NSA gets to look at them why can't I? Surely more eyes on the subject can protect us from terrorism. It's for the children after all.

    What are you, anti-American and anti-children. If we don't see them the terrorists win.