Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hollywood Babble On & On #1200: ASK ME ANYTHING!!

Today's my birthday.

And in honour of the anniversary of my arrival on this planet I'm giving a gift to you, my readers, and that gift is my facade of wisdom.

That's right it's time to…


Drop me any question about pop culture and the business behind it, and I will pretend to know the answer and respond on this blog as soon as I get enough of them, probably some time next.

So click on the comments and leave me a Name (made up ones permitted) and your question.

If you want to give me a gift, that's fine, and the best way is to give one to yourself and your friends by buying my e-books: 




So fire up your keyboards and ASK ME ANYTHING because...


  1. Dear Furious D:

    Happy birthday! Indulge my comic book nerdery by answering the following pressing questions:

    1) Of the announced comic book movies, which one (not involving the word Avengers) seems like the biggest hit? The biggest flop?

    2) Speaking of flops: precisely how bad is the Fantastic Four reboot gonna suck? What possessed Fox to maul this property so utterly?

    3) Of the significant comic book properties NOT in the pipeline (there may be one or two), which one should be getting much more attention from Hollywood?

    4) DC is rolling out its Cinematic Universe pretty much all at once in Batman v. Superman. You feeling that approach, or is it a recipe for disaster?

  2. Have any thoughts on this?

  3. Okay, I admit to not actively reading your Twitter feed. Should I still spill out these other questions you may have already answered in passing?

  4. ILDC - Ask me anything.

    If I answered it before, I'll answer it again, probably differently because I lack intellectual consistency.

    Ask away.

  5. Alrighty then, I'll try to keep things short as possible...

    1. What did you think of the new Star Wars trailer? Does the movie look like it could be yet another major disappointment?
    2. Why does Bill Cosby right now seem more unredeemable than Roman Polanski and Woody Allen? I would say it's due to the shock factor alone, but the allegations aren't exactly anything new; they just became common knowledge.
    3. Have you been aware of the wage-fixing scandal seemingly every major feature animation and visual effects studio is involved with? Does it sound like something they will keep getting away with?
    4. Creatively speaking, is Pixar still a Hollywood savior?
    5. What are the chances of DreamWorks Animation getting sold at this time, and under Katzenberg's demands?

    I'd ask you more, but I don't want to bombard you with questions. Unless, that's what you want.

  6. Since you remain hungry...

    6. Can you give a detailed history of why Canadian companies like DHX Media are able to make acquisitions at such a fast pace?
    7. Do you think Ridley Scott could have actually had a non-whitewashed cast in Exodus: Gods and Kings?
    8. Are sequels indeed inevitable in today's Hollywood, both cash grabs and passion projects?
    9. Are you sick of Frozen?
    10. Any movies you're personally looking forward to?

  7. Happy Birthday Master D!

    Ok, my question is: Why does Hollywood seem to HATE its audience?

    I don't mean just the general loathing that maybe some usual artists feel, I mean outright hatred.

    The most common example I can think of and see is where fans really want something (DVD release of a show/movie for example, or maybe rights to make something like new episodes), and the holder of whatever property could make money, but they will not let the fans have it, even while the the person/studio/whatever is getting NO money off just sitting on whatever the fans want.

    Is there any better example that you can think of how little Hollywood cares about money?