Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Personal Message.

Some of you may have been wondering why my blog has been pretty much dead for over a week now.

Well, long story short, my Mother was in an accident, needed surgery, and we had to rush to a city 3 hours away to get it.

I've been living in a hotel until recently, and too busy to keep up with the blog.

However, things are looking up.  My Mother's recovery is going faster than anyone expected, I'm back in my home, and things may slowly return to some simulacrum of the usual routine.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.


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  2. God Bless.

    I'd been wondering. Good to know that things are looking well.

    You and your mother will be in my thoughts.


  3. Best of luck to your mother, I hope the recovery continues to go well.

  4. I hope everything continues to work out well! God bless and watch over everyone in your family.

  5. God be with you, FD.

  6. Holding a good thought for you and your mother. Looking forward to your continued excellent blogging.

  7. Sorry for my impatience before (waiting). All in good time my man. Hope things get settled down and sorted out. Good Luck.

  8. Fingers crossed and here's hoping everything turns out well.

    We miss you, D!

  9. Thanks for all the kind words.

    My Mom's recovery is going by leaps and bounds that is really impressing everyone. She's still in hospital but is expected to be home soon.