Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Family business is going to keep me a tad busy for the next couple of weeks. Which means the odds of me putting up a new post are pretty slim.

However, all is not lost.


That's right, ask me anything related to pop culture and the business behind it, and I will pretend to have an answer.

When my family business is done, I'll post my answers, so get asking, the more the merrier.


  1. Rainforest Giant2/6/15 2:54 pm

    Howdy Furiousness,

    With all the new superhero themed shows out this would seem to be a golden age. Especially, since most of the show runners have shown respect to the original material.

    Are we entering a true golden age like the Westerns did for nearly fifty years or is this a passing fad? Is fantasy on TV going to get bigger than GoT or will it fade on the vine? Is there a family friendly fantasy out there now that Merlin is gone?

    Finally, do you think TV sci fi is in an upward trend or just the superhero stuff?

    Rainforest Giant.

  2. Hmm... how best to put this...

    Ok, what, in your opinion, is the best way to handle product placement in a movie?

    I mean I don't entirely object to product placement. In fact I've always found it a bit hypocritical how on some sites you'll see people complaining about how characters are drinking BEER (a bottle with the super generic label) in one review of a movie, then complain about "Bud Lite" products in another movie (then some will end up complaining about knock-off products some movies/tv/etc will make too). One gets the feeling people are never happy. So in instances like Man of Steel the complaints make no sense to me. I don't mind it quite as much because I know that if Superman was having a fight in my hometown (which is about the size of Smallville) and was filmed, one would see hundreds of businesses being trashed. It strikes me as less product placement and more realism. But some folks complain about that in movies.

    (and although it sometimes can bug me in TV shows, I'm willing to let it slide more because I know the show has to pay bills)

  3. Above, I meant "movie/tv show/etc" - media in general.

  4. Right now, Disney's film slate doesn't have much going for it besides Marvel, Pixar, live-action cartoon remakes, etc. Is having an increasingly narrow film focus something that's going to someday bite them in the ass? While I'm not saying they have to go back to making R-rated movies, there's something thoughtlessly cynical about saying you only produce tentpoles and "brand deposits".

  5. In your opinion, is the lack of original projects, as opposed to sequels, remakes et al , a function of the copyright laws? Just think, if the original 28 year copyright law was in effect, Star Wars, Mad Max and a host of other properties would be public domain and would not be profitable for media companies to continue to turn out unoriginal material. The whole idea of copyright was to boost and stimulate creativity. Now it's strangling it.

  6. Do you agree with Ennio Morricone saying film music has gotten less memorable?


  7. What's your view of the future of the integration of the most popular YouTube and other Internet stars (formerly known as "user-generated content") into the mainstream entertainment business? Disney just bought an aggregation of YouTube-stars (a new-media "studio"?) for $500m. This seems to be a chip on the table, maybe nothing more. Tastes for that kind of content change rapidly and barriers to entry are low, and so it doesn't seem to jibe with Disney/Iger's current hyper-monetization of big intellectual property brands and tentpoles. Jeff Zucker's jibe of a few years back, that it doesn't make sense to trade analog dollars for digital pennies, is relevant as well. So, perhaps, is the BuzzFeed model of clickbait garbage masquerading as journalism (although the best YouTube performers are definitely good entertainers). Will big data analytics and targeted advertising even out the differences and help the two worlds converge in a structural way? Or, despite some obvious opporunities for synergy, are the two worlds simply too different to merge?

  8. What is your take on hollywood pairing up 20 year old femaies with leading men in their 40s. We've seen this many times with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradely Cooper. Is this some sort of Hollywood mid-life crisis.

    I do have to admit they also work well together.