Friday, 24 July 2015

Mass Murder-Mass Media-Mass Hysteria

There's been another mass shooting, this time a movie theatre in Lafayette Louisiana that was showing the comedy Trainwreck. As I'm writing this half a dozen people have been injured, two people are dead, and the shooter killed himself.
As usual after every mass atrocity there are the usual declarations by pundits, politicians, and even ordinary people that says if America bans guns, movies, religions, books, video games, politically incorrect comedians, or flags, then it will never happen again.
The trouble is that it will happen again, and it has to do with the difference between causes and excuses.
Shootings are not caused by guns, movies, religions, books, video games, comedians or even flags. Those are just excuses.
The causes of mass shootings are the shooters, and their real motives. The motives they admit to are, like I just said, excuses. The real cause is a hunger for power, fame, and a certain kind of immortality.
Look at the average profile of the mass shooter and you will have someone who can be politely described as a loser. They tend to fail at life, but have delusional senses of self-esteem. They feel that their brilliance is unappreciated by the philistines of the world and that it unfairly denies them the power and fame that they believe they deserve.
They look at the media coverage and the public reactions to other mass murders and those narcissistic losers who have a psychopathic disregard for human life see a way to get that power and fame. 
Murder a lot of innocent people and these losers are no longer a waste of air and groceries, they are transformed into near deities. Pundits, politicians, and people will demand laws be changed, expressions be censored, and society put in upheaval, all in their name. Meanwhile the media is repeatedly discussing and dissecting their every brain-fart 24/7 in some vain attempt to "understand" their excuses as if it was a great mystery until the next atrocity steals their publicity.
This gives the mass shooters the power and fame they crave, dead or alive, it doesn't matter than them, because they are your gods now.
Gun control won't stop them.
Censorship won't stop them.
There is only one thing that will stop them.
Deny them their godhood.
Don't publicize their name.
Don't publicize their so-called motives.
What you do is throw them in a hole, dead or alive, and build an outhouse over that hole. Then you open a global spicy food festival.

They care more about their image, and giving that image power over people's lives, than life, even their own. If all they have to look forward to is anonymity and an ignominious disposal of their soiled carcass, the power they crave more than life is gone.


  1. I completely agree with you. I of course advocate for common sense gun control, but people have always had guns in this country. There have been mass shootings sprinkled throughout our history, but over the last 25 years mass shootings have increased exponentially. There is evidence that the media's pinpoint focus on this psychopathic murderers is causing more harm than good. They need to stop showing the faces of these killers on television and giving them their 15 minutes of fame. It makes other psychos crave going down in a blaze of glory.