Monday, 26 November 2007

The Duncan Conundrum

Okay. I was watching my favourite show CBC's Intelligence, a show about spies and gangsters set in Vancouver's drug trade. Well, it looks like a gang war is brewing between the local Vancouver boys and some interlopers from Los Angeles. The first shot was fired in tonight's episode, the drive by murder of a biker gang underboss named Duncan.

my name. Now I know it's not unusual to see a show with a fictional character with the same first name as you.

However, my name's not that common, especially in Hollywood, so I've only seen it about 6 times that I can recall.

Plus 4/6 times, the character named Duncan is

In fact, the only 2 times I've seen a character named Duncan
not get killed was in cartoons, namely the horse Furious D in the Simpsons (Hence the name) and He-Man's sidekick Man At Arms. The character of Duncan Idaho in the Dune books gets killed off on a regular basis! They just keep cloning him, killing him, and cloning him again.

He's SF's equivalent of Wile E. Coyote.

So I would like the striking writers to make one pledge before any deal is struck.
Let a few more Duncans escape the cold grip of fictional death.

Sure death scenes are great for the actors. But too many of them with the same name are a tad unsettling, especially when you have that uncommon name.

Maybe let him get the girl once in a while too.

And don't just do it for me.

Man At Arms is starting to get paranoid as well.

Doesn't he look worried?


  1. Evil Neocon14/12/07 9:36 pm

    Duncan McLeod? Highlander (TV Series)?

    In the end, there can be only one!

  2. He was killed frequently. He just had the good fortune of getting back up afterwards.