Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Furious D's Hollywood Dictionary: A is for....

Hello folks...

I've started a new feature. I'm creating a 'Hollywood' dictionary, where I translate certain showbiz related terms and phrases.

Now some of the terms have changed in meaning over the years, so I've set up a simple system to help you navigate it. The first definition (1.) stands for what the term used to mean in the days of Old Hollywood, and the second definition (2.) is what it means now.

Let's begin with the good old letter....



1. A mythical list of actors whose charisma and popularity with average would attract large audiences to pay for big budget pictures.

2. A term describing any actor with a publicist that can get them lots of magazine covers, and an agent able to squeeze big money out of studios regardless of real box-office appeal.


1. A big budget epic with an all-star cast and a 'classy' story designed to appeal to a mass audience.

2. A film that went over-budget in production on actors and special FX and can never make a profit.


1. Someone who plays roles in movies to bring the characters to life.

2. A pretty face and bland personality that the industry believes to be the most important element in filmmaking.


1. The most important element in filmmaking. Without an audience you're just making home movies.

2. The least important facet of filmmaking. They must take your crap and call it ice cream.

If you have any showbiz related terms you'd like to see featured in this dictionary, let me know. I'll be posting updates semi-regularly, and will post a final 'full' dictionary when it's completed.

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