Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Hollywood Babble On & On... #55: Decision Day Loometh...

Well, the eerily accurate Nikki Finke is reporting that the final decision on the fate of New Line co-founders Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne is coming very soon.

Now anyone who has read this site, even the people know that I have put my name forward a couple of months ago to replace Robert Shaye as CEO of New Line Cinema.

I don't have any actual experience running a studio, but when you look at how most of Hollywood is run these days, experience isn't everything.

So I'm going to propose to the powers that be at Time-Warner, to not shut down the company and fold it into thei
r own operations. I'm going to suggest that they spin it off as an independent company, with myself, as CEO.

Here's what I will do:
  1. Bring production costs and star salaries under control.
  2. Reconnect with audiences. Give them what they want not what Hollywood wants.
  3. Simplify the business plan to "Make movies that make money."
  4. Cost half as much as Robert Shaye. (With bonuses if I deliver on real profits)
  5. Make decisions based on the good of the company, and not my own ego.
Here's what I will not do:
  1. Turn successful films into legal and accounting nightmares because of greed and mismanagement.
  2. Alienate commercially successful filmmakers and actors out of greed, ego and a hunger for power.
  3. Alienate the audience by giving them what Hollywood wants, because the average person is our audience, not the celebrities, who see movies for free at premieres and on Academy screeners. It's the people who pay for tickets that matter.
And that's it.

So, and this is for the board of Time Warner, remember this simple message:

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