Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hollywood Babble On & On... #57: The End of the New Line?

Well, it's official.

Time Warner has announced that it will absorb New Line Cinema and make it a unit of the parent company. (Read the details here)

Now they're saying that the company will retain its domestic distribution, marketing and production cap
abilities, and will "coordinate" with the parent studio.

Basically, it means that it will be making fewer movies, so as not to compete with Warner Brothers.

I personally would have preferred to see the company spun off as an independent company with Time-Warner as a major shareholder with first look when it comes to internationa
l distribution, (traditionally New Line's Achilles Heel) and for release through Time Warner's non-theatrical outlets (broadcast/cable TV, downloads, etc...).

But as just a unit of a large company, I think it's been handed a death sentence.

As time goes by its budgets will shrin
k, as will its production slate, and then pieces of New Line will be closed down or folded even further into the corporate blubber of Time-Warner.

And then it's just a name on the credits of old videos, and the people who run the Time-Warner TV outlets are wondering why they have to air Austin Powers: Goldmember 12 times a we
ek on everyone of their channels.

But all is not lost.

What New Line needs to be a successful unit of Warner Bros. is the sort of skilled enlightened leader to take it, and the rest of Hollywood into the 21st Century and beyond.

And that person, naturally, is me.

So remember...
You can't blame me for trying...

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