Thursday, 28 February 2008

This Writing Life... : Flash For Fantasy

I entered a flash fiction contest today.

Literally, I wrote my under 500 word entry, did rewrites and sent it in to a new horror / dark-speculative fiction magazine called Shroud.

All thanks to the internet.

I met the magazine, so to speak, at MySpace, and yesterday they posted a bulletin calling for entries for flash-fiction (under 500 words) inspired by photos of the editor's cabin and the surrounding forest under a blanket of fresh snow.

I took the photos and this morning, I sat down at the keyboard and ground out a little tale of a man, a lot of snow, something in the woods, and a shovel as a weapon.

I hope it wins. I think it's a pretty nice piece for its brevity and has a pretty good atmosphere. I might post it here depending on the results of the contest.

Wish me luck.

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