Saturday, 25 October 2008

Saturday Silliness Cinema: The Two Ronnies Part Two

After last week's intro to the Two Ronnies, I decided to give you a little more.

The pair started working together on a show hosted by celebrity interviewer David Frost, and in this sketch they're talking about the British class system with a young lad by the name of John Cleese.

When they had their own show each of the Ronnies would do a solo segment that they wrote themselves. Ronnie Barker's was usually based on his favourite form of wordplay, the spoonerism.

Ronnie Corbett's solo piece involved him sitting in a big armchair taking an awfully long time to tell a very simple joke.

Despite appearances, Corbett's little monologue's were carefully scripted and timed down to the millisecond, digressions and supposed ad-libs included, to turn the very simple old-fashioned groaner into an A-bomb groaner.

The team reunited in the years before Ronnie Barker's death to host some retrospective specials and to do this sketch in honour of the year 2000 with Stephen Fry, it may seem somewhat familiar....

I hoped you enjoyed the show.

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