Friday, 24 October 2008

The Writing Life: Book Update

The book version of this blog is starting to come together. I'm using the yWriter novel writing software from SpaceJock software to put it all together. The program was made by an Australian SF writer and programmer named Simon Haynes. It breaks down a novel project into chapters and scenes that you can write, edit, and shuffle around, which makes it perfect for this project which is a series of articles and essays on a wide variety of pop-culture subjects.

I'm expanding my original articles, with new research and information, and I'm hoping to have a first draft ready sometime in December, so I can polish it up and try to sell it sometime in the new year.

Wish me luck, the support of you readers have been a real boost.


  1. Sweet Heaven! December?! I am very excited for you. Yes, good luck and keep up the fine work. I look forward to my enlightenment.


  2. All the best of luck to you on this project. I look forward to my copy with great anticipation.

  3. December's the estimate for a first draft.

    I don't know how many drafts it will take to make it palatable, usually 3-5 drafts, so I still have a long way to go.

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