Tuesday, 13 January 2009

We Have A Question...

Dear Furious D,
Is there anyone in the film industry that is good? Or at least a capable businessmen?
Can you name us ONE?
Probably not.

At least I'm being honest.

Sure, I hear some things about how some folks are smart, and good to work with, but being as far a Hollywood outsider you can get without leaving the continent, I can't really confirm or deny those stories.

What I can confirm or deny is when someone screws up big time. Because when someone screws up, there's evidence, and it's public enough for a crank in the hinterlands like me can find it. Movies fail, TV shows get canceled, companies go bankrupt, and lots of law-suits get filed.

When someone in Hollywood is doing their job right, it's very hard to find that evidence. Movies people like get made and do well, TV shows chug along profitably, and companies do well. That's not good material for the Hollywood media chum bucket that attracts the large media sharks that obnoxious little blog remora like me cling to in the vain hope of snatching a morsel for myself.

Of course, if I just talk about how great folks are, I'd be just rehashing press releases, or Variety fluffer pieces. And I can't really do what I hope to accomplish that way.

What I want to do, what I hope this blog will someday do, is that one person reads what I have to say about reforming the way Hollywood does business. And that somehow this blog plants a seed in that person's mind . Hopefully, one day, in a distant future with flying cars and robot butlers, that seed will bloom and convince that person to be the kind of good businessperson that doesn't get crapped on in an obscure little business blog. One that happens to be written by my brain, which will be floating in a tank of gelatinous goo attached to an android body.

There are probably some good businesspeople out there. There has to be, or the gears of the movie industry would have completely ground to a halt sometime in the mid-1980s. Sadly, they're outnumbered and surrounded like a small pack of survivors in a zombie movie farmhouse. Their enemy the legions of narrow minded opportunists, unable to think about anything beyond what scheme will get them a bigger bonus this quarter, a fancier company car than their co-workers, and a quickie with a wannabe starlet from Pig's Knuckle Arkansas.

Good businesspeople are all about building, creating, making the pie bigger so everyone get a good piece. Bad businesspeople are all about taking whatever they can as fast as they can, before someone finds out that they have no talent or interest in their jobs.

And the ironic part is that the it's the good businessperson who has the longer, richer, career.

Which is why I'm asking any Hollywood insiders that might stumble across this little blog to nominate the people they think are good businesspeople, or just plain good people. Tell me who they are, and what makes them good, or good at what they do. Don't be afraid, it's not like anyone reads this anyway.

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