Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #297: Bruno's Bogus Butt Bruhaha

Ye gods some people are stupid.

I try not to be harsh and judgmental on this blog, but
oy gevalt, the stupid flies fast and furious these days.

During the recent MTV Awards comedian Sascha Baron Cohen did a stunt as his latest stereotype Bruno, and landed ass first on rapper Eminem.

Within nanoseconds of this people were on the internet debating if the stunt was a real accident or staged.

My word for the people who thought it was real:


Look at the most important piece of evidence:
It happened on MTV.

Nothing gets on the air on MTV without the approval of 20 executives, 17 marketing focus groups, and a simple majority vote among Sumner Redstone's liver spots, and that includes the so-called "accidents."

Remember Britney Spears' disastrous performance in 2007?

I do, in fact, it was the subject of my very first Hollywood Babble On & On post.

The people producing the show knew she was going to blow it, and blow it big, and they let her on anyway.


Because her public humiliation would get the clips, complete with MTV logo in the corner on every entertainment news show and website on the planet.

It's called shameless attention whoring, and with Cohen desperate to prove that he's more than a one trick Borat, and Eminem needing publicity for his comeback, were perfectly willing to participate.

Remember, anything that gets on MTV is canned, corporate approved, and as spontaneous as a Milli Vanilli jam session.

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