Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #332: Miscellaneous Money/Movie Musings


Word is out that director Sam Raimi will direct a feature film based on the World of Warcraft online computer game for Warner Bros. It'll be the first film where the hero not only has to defeat villains, monsters, and
dangerous traps, but also morbid obesity.

But seriously, I find it interesting that Warner Bros. is in such a feast or famine situation when it comes to fantasy and adventure franchises that they have to got to a video game company for ideas. They have Batman, and Harry Potter, two of the biggest movie series going, but outside of those two, they've had very little luck at best, or at worst, make Superman Returns.

The reason I find it so interesting is that Warner
Bros. has the same owners as DC Comics.

DC frikkin' Comics!

They should have franchises coming out of their ears. Yet so far in the past 10 years they've had 2 Batmans (1 great, 1 stupendous), 1 Superman (whiny, tedious), 2 films that didn't leave room for traditional sequels (
Watchmen, 300) and a lot of promised DC projects that never come to fruition.

Now some are pointing at the recent news about the casting of Ryan Reynolds as
Green Lantern as a sure sign of a new franchise, but I still think they will find a way to screw it up.

Warner Bros. has been having a good time lately, but that doesn't mean that they should rest on their laurels. They have to find out what is blocking them from successfully developing these DC properties, and fix it. Right now comic book and fantasy franchises are hot, hot, hot, and they can't just sit back and let Marvel dominate the field.


Morgan Spurlock the self styled gonzo documentarian and Fu Manchu mustache aficionado is going back to his biggest success by producing a comic book series inspired by his movie Super-Size Me. The comic will be a mish-mash of urban legends, and lectures about the evils of fast food.

Call me cynical, but this strikes me as Spurlock trying to reclaim some relevance after his attempt at being the thin Michael Moore,
Where In The World Is Osama Bin Ladin, missed the 15 minute window that was open just after the success of Fahrenheit 9/11.

I don't think this series will last. I don't think comic fans will buy up something that is pretty much yelling at them with gross stories about their cheeseburger.


The indefatigable Nikki Finke reports some possible good news in the film completion insurance business, especially for independent filmmakers. I can see the potential for greatly improving the indie film business, especially since the majors seem mired in a sense of entitlement that lead to bloated CEO salaries while their stocks and investors suffer.

Right now is a good time for independent filmmakers to forge a profitable niche for themselves by making appealing films, with modest budgets, and well constructed marketing, and distribution campaigns. Of course that would require someone in independent cinema breaking their own mindset issues, and forging a bold new course.


  1. To be fair, Warcraft is an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) with one of the most in depth and vibrant storylines (us warcraft dorks call it "lore") in any fictional ... anything. It goes back to the Titans who created the universe to in depth information on specific orc clans, their leaders, why they are named that, and what they think about things, to everything in between. There's enough warcraft material for a dozen movies or more.

    But I still have faith in Hollywood's ability to screw it up.

  2. PS: To get an idea of the potential for a warcraft movie, check out an in-game movie ("Cinematic") that's part of the epic 'Wrathgate' questline:

  3. I'm not knocking WoW's value as source material, it's most likely way better than Asteroids, I was knocking WB's inability to properly use the source material they already own.

  4. I've often wondered about that myself... Marvel seems to have finally unlocked the secret of getting their movies made and meanwhile DC seems to be dying. Personally I'm much more of a Marvel fan so I don't mind too much, but yes, it does seem odd doesn't it? Maybe DC should talk to the Warcraft people!

  5. DC is not "dying" by the looks of 'The Dark Knight'...

    It's just not being used.

  6. But I still have faith in Hollywood's ability to screw it up.

    Why? Bliz & Company are doing their darndest to screw up the lore on their own.

    Maybe DC should talk to the Warcraft people!

    They did. A DC imprint is doing all the WoW comic books remember?