Tuesday, 28 July 2009

One More Silverman Related Bit...

The exit of Ben Silverman from NBC-U is still causing ripples across the show-biz world. One of those ripples is the question of why a businessman with the tough reputation of Barry Diller would hire Ben Silverman for this new venture.

Well, let's take a gander at the

Top 10 Possible Reasons Barry Diller Hired Ben Silverman:

1. He lost a poker game to the CEO of GE.

2. He owns a lot of NBC-U stock and needed to something to get it moving upward.

3. He needs an excuse if IAC blows up in his face.

4. Silverman's crazy manic giggle just warms Diller's heart like a basket of puppies.

5. Diller just got the DNA tests back, he is the father!

6. Diller needs a younger body to transplant his brain into.

7. Diller wants someone to teach him how to party hard.

8. Diller got tired of not being criticized on DHD every second day.

9. Two words: Whipping boy.

10. Once hired, Diller intends to replace Silverman with his evil twin from the negative universe. Evil Twin Silverman has a goatee, and can actually run a network. With Evil Twin working out great, all the blame for NBC-U's troubles will fall on Zucker, chaos will reign, and Diller will sweep in to take over NBC-U at fire sale prices.

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