Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #338: Some Updates


Anonymous Reader asks this question about my recent post about the risks inherent in the GI Joe movie:
Like that stopped the Bay Transformers movies from making big wads of cash.
True, but Bay still maintained the fundamental idea of the Transformers. Robots turn into cars, then back into robots and beat the living crankcase oil out of each other. Paramount and Hasbro are doing a fundamental retooling of the fundamental ideas behind GI Joe, that have the potential for turning off a lot of the toy's original fans.

One thing that sort of annoys me was that each
GI Joe character had a particular identity, a skill-set, and a look. The folks in the movie all seem to be the same interchangeable types, all wearing the same sci-fi robo-cop battle suits, no doubt to give the film that Transformers vibe. So far the only stand out seems to be Snake-Eyes, but you really can't screw up a "bad-ass ninja."


Some folks are branding Funny People a failure due to an $8 million opening night, and projected $22 million weekend, putting it on the low end of the forecasts. The may still have legs, and run at a slow burn for a while, due to its appeal to an older demographic that don't feel they have to be there on the opening weekend, so I will reserve judgment on the issue, especially since its reported $70 million budget, is pretty low by Hollywood standards, and may still make a profit in the long run without being a blockbuster.


The headline says it all, in a way only a true magnificent bastard can do it.

I salute you.

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