Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #344: A Few Miscellaneous Movie Musings


Warner Bros. has signed a deal to make a movie based on Lego.

Yes, those little plastic building blocks that you never really had enough of to build the fortress where your Star Wars & Buck Rogers action figures could do battle with your Star Trek & GI Joe action figure, are going to be made into a feature film.

When will the madness stop.

Yes, the
Transformers movies made a shit-load of money, GI Joe had a good opening weekend, and Hollywood execs pee their pants at the mere mention of an original property, but it's gone beyond hitting rock bottom, it's going to start hitting Morlocks any minute.

I mean we're talking about goddamn toy blocks.

Will it be followed by a Disney Duplo blocks movie for the little kids?

Damn it, grow a pair and remember that people like stories, not toys, this is just a fad based on nostalgia, but these development deals have now flogged that horse to death, so stop it.


Disney has reportedly signed on playwright/filmmaker/producer/shit disturber David Mamet to adapt a new version of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Now I'm a wee bit uncertain about this. My unease comes from a scene where Alec Baldwin lectures the family that the quietest member of the family wins a Cadillac, the second quietest gets a set of steak knives, and the third quietest gets tossed to the Nazis.

Here's an exclusive photo from the production:
I'm pretty sure this last joke has offended some people, while some others just scratch their heads and furrow their brows in a desperate attempt to understand.

Then my work today is done.


  1. Most youngin's don't even know who the hell your talking about.. Anne what-the-hell?

    Mamet is a great director and is only one of none in hollyweird who realized what the hell is going on outside that shitty playground of shame.

    "Ragheads want to murder us? Noo.. you joke, you joooke~ you religious intolerant swine!", "I need a lawyer to sue somebody now~~".. is what you'll get at the slightness whiff of dissent. Him become more conservative (nothing to do with Republican) is probably what killed that kick ass show "The Unit". God Damned libertards.

  2. More and more ideas are getting greenlit that would have gotten laughed out of Hollywood or would have been MAD TV fodder a few years ago.