Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #345: Random Rants


Okay, I hereby declared that I can no longer be shocked by Hollywood's seemingly endless appetite for remakes. There's a report that director Bryan Singer of The Usual Suspects, and X-Men 1-2, might be helming a big screen reboot of Battlestar Galactica.

You remember
Battlestar Galactica, don't you? It was a popular series on the recently rebranded SyFy channel until they retired the show THIS PAST MARCH.

We're talking about a big screen reboot of a recently retired TV reboot of a sci-fi TV reboot of the Book of Exodus.

Universal has just officially entered Chapter 11 of Creative Bankruptcy. They show isn't even over 6 months, and they're already doing a reboot.

I think Universal should seriously reconsider the continuing employment of their top management, because it's gone beyond spending too much money for too little reward, to transforming the studio into an endless repetitive loop of never-ending remakes.

When I'm supreme ruler of the world I will place a moratorium on any and all remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings of material less than 20 years old, under penalty of catapult!


Judd Apatow's producing partner Nicholas Weinstock has been recruited by former Fox honcho Peter Chernin's new production company to head up comedy development.

If the comments by the fairly knowledgeable readers at Nikki Finke's blog are anything to go by, he's thought of pretty highly by a lot of people. So I wish him luck and many happy movies and shows in the future.

With Universal cursed like it broke into the mummy's tomb and groped the mummy, Apatow may be following his former partner over to greener pastures.


The William Morris Endeavor Agency is purging after the binge of the merger, with even more layoffs at the storied agency, and the possible closing, or at minimum, drastic reduction, of its Miami office.

If this keeps up, the next round of layoffs after this one will include the letter "W" leaving the agency known only as "ME." Which will be fairly accurate, because by that time the firm will consist of one agent, his assistant, known only as "Hey, You!" and a janitor named Sal whose job consists of emptying the tear stained tissues from the assistant's waste-basket.

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