Monday, 14 September 2009

A Little Shameless Plugging...

If any of my readers are members of Authonomy, the Harper-Collins writing site, then you can do me a solid. My novel JOE AVERAGE is currently up on the site, and so far the response has been really good. Great actually, but like Kanye West, I'm a bottomless pit of ego and I need more, more, more!

If you enjoy science fiction, superheroes, with lots of humor and action, then check out my novel by clicking on the subtle little picture I made for it.

Drop me some feedback, the more eyes on this book the better.

I now return you to my regular rants and raves.


  1. hmmm.... I may check it out, I'm currently on a nonfiction reading trend though so no promises. (maybe it'll still be up when i get back on my fiction trend)

    That reminds me, who's the fetching woman you're with up there at the top?

  2. That's actress Edwige Fenech from our short lived 1973 TV Italian TV series Il Capo Di Tutti Loco.

  3. It sounds good, Furious, it really does, but I'm not on Authonomy, and I know I don't have time to be. I'm in your corner though. Good luck.