Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #393: It's A WW2 Movie, Only Without WW2.

Welcome to the show folks...

Warner Bros./DC Entertainment is seriously making me doubt the success of the whole restructuring deal when it starts pulling really bad ideas out of its ass.

The bad idea I'm talking about is the decision to make a movie version of the Sgt. Rock comic book as a Sci-Fi adventure.

What the fuck?

For those who aren't familiar with the character and his oeuvre, I'll do a little recap. Sgt. Rock led Easy Co. a group of battle hardened ass kickers who battled Nazis across North Africa and Europe in World War 2.

It was not a science fiction story, it was a two fisted action story. Take it out of WW2 and you have something completely different.

You have Halo, or, Xenu forbid, GI Joe, or Starship Troopers, you do not have Sgt. Rock and all you'd be doing is wasting a brand on something that will only turn out to be more expensive than if they did it straight.

Many have noticed that the success of Inglorious Bastards shows that there is a market for the sort of Nazi-smacking action that Rock specialized in. So I really don't know what's going on in the heads of those running DC Entertainment. It's like the logic exhibited when an American network purchased the remake rights to Fawlty Towers and then wrote out the main character of Basil Fawlty. What were they spending the money on?

Please Warner Bros. I'm begging you, step away from the Sgt. Rock movie. It's better to have the film remain unmade than to have the entire franchise destroyed by one really stupid decision.


  1. See kids? This is what drugs do to ones decision making faculties.

  2. Part of me's half-surprised they haven't already sent Sgt. Rock to space in the comics. It's the kind of half-assed lameosity they specialize in these days.
    I do find this a little ironic, though. Back in the '60s and '70s, a lot of people complained about the fact that Sgt. Rock's comic was still all about Easy Company fighting World War 2, while America had soldiers fighting and dying in Vietnam. I suppose sending him to space helps to ensure that he'll never seem vaguely relevant to anyone at any time.

    Maybe we'll get lucky, and he'll go beat up everyone associated with 'Avatar'.

  3. Good idea. Sgt. Rock and Bulldozer alone could kick Avatar's blue digitally rendered ass.

  4. D, you might get a kick out of tonight's South Park's ultimate punchline...

    (also, the reason Rock isn't in space yet is because right now comics are in such a worship of nostalgia nobody dares touch anything)

  5. There was a Sgt. Rock project rumor going on some time ago and it was supposed to star Arnold Schwarzenegger, which would be kinda strange as his accent would probably be worse than the NAZI's he was fighting.

  6. WWII is not popular? Hey Asshole Hollywood ever hear of the Call of Duty franchise? Sure they are doing modern warfare but the VG industry unlike PC addled Hollywood actually has BALLS.

    Even after the FT hood shooting they did not clean up COD MW2 which featured a airport massacre and the US Army fighting the Russians on HOME FUCKING SOIL.

    Get the game it KICKS ASS. This is why I get more excited by new games coming out than new films. HW just wants to push out their BOLD I mean MOLD statements on how they, a bunch of overpaid HS dropouts "know better" than my higher degree holding ass.