Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #449: More Drippings From My Brain Pan

Welcome to the show folks...


CBS Pictures, the pet movie studio project of TV mogul Les Moonves, has given the green-light to a big screen remake of venerable western TV show

For those of you who are ignorant of North American cultural history
Gunsmoke was a western radio show from the 1940s that migrated to TV in the 1950s, and ran well into the 1970s. It centered on tough but fair US Marshall Matt Dillon, his sort of girlfriend saloonkeeper / madame Miss Kitty, and the other residents of Dodge City as they dealt with a never-ending parade of outlaws, racists, rapists, pimps and killers.

Now right now CBS is considering Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds for the role of Marshal Dillon. Now this is where they could take a hint from the making of the original series.

When the show was first started CBS wanted John Wayne to play Dillon, but John Wayne was at that time too big a movie star to stoop down to a TV series, but Wayne recommended his friend James Arness for the role. At the time Arness was a character actor and not considered a star, but
Gunsmoke made him a TV star.

Do you see what I'm getting at?

Big stars don't mean big box office these days, something CBS Pictures learned the hard way from that medical drama with Harrison Ford. So I suggest that they consider looking for an unknown, someone who can be the hard but honorable Dillon. Someone who looks like they can not only dish it out, but take it, get back up, and start dishing it out again.

Most "name" actors in Hollywood just can't deliver that believable anymore.

Or, CBS can just say to hell with it, and cast Matt Dillon as Matt Dillon just to mess with people's heads.


This is a real sign, and it's content will shock you...
Can you believe it, all that for $7.50?

I know it's racist, but it's also a steal!


  1. NBC, my Alma Mater, would serve the same stuff as a special dinner at the Dining Commons for MLK day.

    A agree with Gunsmoke, they need to give that role to an unknown as most of today's A-list is not bringing in A levels of audience numbers.

  2. NBC is hoping to make amends with their offended employers by taking them all to a special invitation only stand up show by Michael Richards.