Friday, 5 February 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #450: More Random Thoughts...

Welcome to the show folks...

1. David Letterman has hired a female writer for the first time in years. Make up your own jokes about the situation of a woman working so close to the notoriously lecherous Letterman. I'm sure she's already heard them all by now.

2. The bidding for Miramax is heating up. Disney's eager to sell because the Pulp Fiction Experience at Disneyland featuring The Gimp's Playhouse, just wasn't working out. One of the bidders is Capitol/ThinkFilm's David Bergstein, which strikes me as interesting, because last I heard anything out of that company they couldn't even get a film finished, let alone buy another company. But who am I to understand the whims of investors and what they invest in.

3. Speaking of Miramax, its former owners, the Brothers Weinstein has purchased The Tillman Story. My condolences to the makers of The Tillman Story on the news that their film will never be seen again.

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