Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday Silliness Cinema: How Avatar Should Have Ended

Welcome to the show folks...

I'm taking my usual Saturday break from ranting about business and such in order to give you a little giggle. This time it's HOW AVATAR SHOULD HAVE ENDED!

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  1. Dirty Dingus Sezs:

    Not quite "ha-ha" funny, but fun to see how the animator must Not of watched that flick and just used second hand info on what happened.

    Maybe he was to b-wowzers with the effects & 3-d to notice people talking like the character played by weaver being there for at least over a HALF DECADE+ before the cripple showed up. Questions about the what and why us humans are there must of been raised in that HALF DECADE+ don't you all think?

    The afterward with the 'Aliens' was somewhat lacking without the "earth shattering kaboom" that should of followed or the revelation of using ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT might not be too costly an idea anymore.