Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #471: The Pluck Of The Irish

Welcome to show folks...

It's rather fitting that on this day we celebrate everything Irish, like alcoholism, and nationalist motivated car bombings I should have a blog post about an Irish American, Conan O'Brien, doing what the Irish love to do, which is getting even.*

Word is out that Conan O'Brien's live tour will be the subject of a documentary / concert film produced by Media Rights Capital. The plan is to release the film in theaters, which differs slightly from my suggestion of making it a TV special, but I think this is a better plan, here's why:

1. The film will be cheap to produce. It can be made by a handful of cameramen with those Red Digital cameras, and edited on a desktop. With the tour it's chronicling already mostly sold out, those costs will be further mitigated.

2. The film will get lots of media attention. This means a truckload of free publicity / advertising which will save even more money in the P&A. I know that David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel will roll out the red carpet for the red-headed stranger, and let's take a minute to think about Jay. With Conan's angular mug on every show that will have him, Jay Leno's Tonight Show will be feeling the pressure to book him. This is what you call a "golden opportunity." If Jay books him, it's a big story, if Jay doesn't, it's an even bigger story, and Jay looks like an even bigger douche.

3. If the documentary/concert film opens anywhere near the top of the box-office, which is possible, if Team Coco really mobilizes... Well, it's hard to say. Anyone else would feel the burn of failure, but NBC-U honcho Jeff Zucker isn't anyone else, and will probably take credit for the film's success. But I say do everything to make the film a hit, for that slim chance that Zucker might feel a pang of realization that he's not cut out to be a mogul.

4. The film, and its potential success, could make things go a lot easier for whatever Conan decides to do as his next step, whether it's pursuing more movie work, starting a new network late night show with Fox, or going the syndication route. The world will be his oyster.

And now in closing, and in honor of Irish culture, I present this lovely Irish ditty. (NSFW, the Irish are a salty people)

*Before you start writing your comments about how prejudiced I am against the Irish, let me inform you that I'm Irish and Scottish on both sides of my family. And not only Irish, but Ulster (or Northern) Irish. So I'm allowed to make jokes and perpetuate stereotypes about the Irish. You are not! That's the law of political correctness.

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