Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #539: What The Hell?

Welcome to the show folks...

I've had a rough and busy day building a brick wall when I know nothing of masonry, and I now have a lot of crippling physical pain to go along with my crippling emotional pain. But the wall is finished, and here's a short little post for you:

Check the skies, because pigs are flying!

Reports are bopping all over the internet that the troubled Weinstein Company (TWC) has been absolved of all their debt by their major creditors.

What in the name of sweet jumping German Jehoshaphat is going on?

I'm not sure the company's
ever made any money, and its prospects of becoming a moneymaker are somewhere between slim and none. TWC's specialty is spending millions of other people's money on making and buying indie films, and then burying all but the ones that might have a chance to win Harvey Weinstein another Oscar. Even those bits of Oscar bait barely get a release, because the company can't afford to put their movies in theaters.

So how did they swing this absolution of their many financial sins? How the hell do I know, but I can guess... and here are my top guesses:

Harvey got some of his politician buddies to slip TWC's name on the list of all those bummed out banks and Wall Street brokerages, and the Feds paid their debts.


It's saved the brother's bacon many times in the past by wooing investors, but this whole absolution deal means that it had to have been bumped up to maximum.


Because we all know the Prince of Darkness hates seeing independent films make it into theaters.

Those are my guesses, what are yours?

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