Thursday, 23 September 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #598: SNARK ATTACK!!

Welcome to the show folks...

Been an annoying couple of days gentle and fragrant readers. Mostly it was spent trying install a new dishwasher in my parent's house. Only they appear to have changed EVERYTHING about installing dishwashers since I did it last, and couple that with my utter lack of skill at such things and you have a either a disaster in the making, or a low brow comedy rated X for language & pipe related violence.

So right now I'm feeling a little cranky, and since I'm on the internet, it's time to unleash my inner man-eating great white snark.


Singer Katy Perry recently tried to appear on the venerable kids show
Sesame Street. I say tried because they cut her appearance from the show.


Can you see the reason:
Apparently, parents are upset over Sesame Street's pro-recycling stance, which I think is idiotic....



Looks like it wasn't the big blue can that got Ms. Perry shit-canned, but Ms. Perry's two big fun-cans.

Personally, I wasn't offended by her cleavage. The scene where she's motor-boated by Elmo was a tad inappropriate, but that could have been edited out.

All I can say, is if kids can't go to
Sesame Street to learn that B is for Boobies, where else can they go to learn that? The internet?


Jodie Foster is a pro. She never turns down a gig. Want proof, look at her schedule, she just finished directing the ironically titled film
The Beaver with Mel Gibson, and is going to France to star in God of Carnage directed by Roman Polanski.

Doesn't matter if you're a racist or a rapist, Foster doesn't care.

I'm sure Polanski is a fan of her early work.


Oh Bono, you could have just left it at insufferable egomaniac who was as full of himself as he was full of shit, but you had to cross that line into full blown assholedom.

The British Daily Mail is reporting that U2's frontman's ONE foundation gave about 1.2% of the millions they raised for alleviating world poverty to actually doing anything about world poverty.

Now I can proudly say that I didn't give ONE one penny of my money, and it goes beyond my usual parsimony and Scrooge like revulsion at the thought of helping anyone. I didn't give anything to this group because I read that their prime mission was to "spread awareness."

Let those two words be a warning to you.

"Spread awareness" is code for using your donation to pay for the head of the "charity" to travel around first class to be paid to speak before groups of people who paid to get in and tell them about how you and everyone else is a bastard for not giving him more money to spread more awareness.
Look at what you've done Bono! You're making Don Draper cry. Damn it!

That's it, I'm out of here!

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