Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #619: More Miscellaneous Musings

Welcome to the show folks....

Time for a few small stories, and sorry, none involve racy pictures of minor celebrities.


Carl Icahn owns a piece of MGM's debt, he also owns a big piece of Lionsgate. He doesn't like the Spyglass plan which would reduce MGM into being just another production company without the power that distribution can get them. Icahn is now offering to buy more of MGM's debt in the hopes that it would smooth over an MGM merger with Lionsgate.

Personally, I don't like either plan. Spyglass' plan would make the once great studio the red-headed stepchild of Hollywood, dependent on the charity of other studios to get their films on screens big and small. Icahn's plan would also basically erase MGM's existence, making it a part of Lionsgate, and saddling the mini-major with MGM's bloated and crippling debt.

I'd like to see a plan that would somehow get it out of debt and maintain it as an independent producer, distributor, and most importantly, a competitor.

But that's just a pipe dream.


MGM and Warner Bros. have apparently settled the kerfuffle with the unions over their co-production of
The Hobbit, but Peter Jackson may still move it out of New Zealand.

I don't know how MGM is going to contribute to this production other than letting Warner Bros. use their rights to the original book, they don't have the money, and decision wise currently don't know whether to shit or go blind.


There was a time when NBC could count on the Tonight Show for half their revenue, and there were time when it literally had to count on the Tonight Show for them to survive. Oh, how things have changed. Late night titans Leno and Letterman are tied in the ratings, but both are down overall.

I can tell you why.

They're old.

Not just chronologically, but in their style. They're both set in their ways and will not change for anything. Leno just recycles his material, lacking the energy and affability that originally made him number one because he takes his audience for granted and assumes that they'll be half asleep anyway, so why burn any calories. Letterman's target audience are basically critics and other people in the media, that's who he plays to, and they love him for that, but mostly because he's not Leno.

I think the age of the late night talk show, at least in the traditional format used by L&L is going the way of the dinosaur.

I'd like to see a talk show having fun. Maybe Conan will do it now that he's free from NBC's shackles of incompetence, but it's all moot to me. I go to bed early because I need my beauty sleep.

I really need my beauty sleep.

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