Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #697: Dune Blows Away

Welcome to the show folks...

Paramount has dropped plans to adapt Frank Herbert's science fiction epic
Dune as a big screen feature film.

I think that's for the best, and here's why I think so:

1. SIZE: The novel is too big to condense into a 2+ hour feature film. There's too much back-story, too many characters, and just plain too much. A mini-series format is a more apt medium. By the way, one was made in 2000 under the title Frank Herbert's Dune for the then Sci-Fi network.

2. MOTIVE: The only motive I can think is behind Paramount's desire to make the film was the fact that the miniseries and its sequel did so well for the Sci-Fi network. There was no grand artistic vision behind the decision, just a desire to pollute the screens with just another overpriced remake in the hope that the fans who liked the miniseries would pay good money to see it on the big screen.

3. TIME: That lack of a driven creative vision behind the project is probably one of the main reasons that the project remained in development hell for over 4 years. Without the main decisions were left in the hands of the executives, and they aren't exactly that great at making real decisions. All they can do is toss money at people to do something about it. Millions have probably already been spent on this project, so much that any movie version would require an Avatar level box office to make a bean.

And let's not forget that the first feature version in 1984 was a huge financial and critical bomb.

So let this sleeping sandworm lie for now. Let some more time pass, and then, maybe then, someone who might be able to do something with it could do it right.

At least Herbert's estate got some sweet option money for it. Gotta love that.

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