Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #700: Casting Conundrum Solved

It's all over the internet now, but I'll restate it if you've only just now crawled out of your cave. Zack Snyder, fresh from the critical drubbing and financial mediocrity of Sucker-Punch has named who will play Lois Lane in his reboot of the Superman franchise, and she is.... *drumroll* .... AMY ADAMS.

Personally, I was pretty sure he would have gone for Anne Hathaway, but I think he's made a pretty good choice, because, as I've previously discussed, and
Superman Returns proved, you really can't just shove any pretty face into that role. I'm not saying that Kate Bosworth is a bad actress, I'm just saying that she was in the wrong part. She was too young for the part, hell, she looked younger than the cast of Glee, and they're supposed to be high schoolers not Pulitzer prize winning reporters.

Plus they also tried to make Lois Lane into a woman of the 21st century, when she is in fact a throwback to the plucky, career oriented, adventuresome heroines of the 1930s and 1940s. A "helluva dame" who would have been played by Katherine Hepburn if it had been an "A-List" feature back in the Golden Age.

In my previous piece on this topic I mentioned that when playing Lois Lane there is a fine line between plucky heroine and narcissistic moron, and I think Amy Adams can keep the character on the right side of that line.

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