Friday, 29 July 2011


I'm really busy today to write a blog, but I am opening the door to more questions.

If you have a question about pop culture, like movies, TV, comics, whatever, ask it, I will answer it, or at least fake my way through it in a pompous and obnoxious way.

Ask in the comments or via twitter using the hashtag #AskFD


  1. Lemmy the Mole31/7/11 3:06 pm

    1)what steps would lindsey lohan have to take to get her career back.

    2) how much clout does quentin tarantino have in the industry and how is he regarded?

    3) what are 5 good movies that you would recommend for my netflix que?

    4) are people in hollywood happy?

  2. Why is hollywood so BAD about their release schedules? Do you think comic book movies are really fading, or are the studios releasing them at the worst time when they'll have the stiffest competition? (seems to me, superhero movies have become 'standard' enough it would be best to release them during slower times of the year when people are wanting to see something but "nothing's on".

    (and I'll be talking a bit about this on my own blog soon) Do you think the fading of westerns is that there's no more stories to tell with them that people haven't already seen? But if they start getting more creative (like Cowboys & Aliens), they could make a comeback?

  3. What effect, if any, do you feel that widespread ownership of large High Definition televisions with nice sound systems has on the movie industry?

    For myself, I can say I go to maybe one movie per year. Maybe. I wait for the DVD release and drop $25 on the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack and pop my own damned popcorn. If there is a release that I just can't wait to see I go to one of the really nice theaters that serve food and beer and don't allow children.

  4. 1. Your thoughts on likely BS early retirement plans? Particularly Kevin Smith's, who insists he wants to stop directing after eleven films and mostly be a full-time "talker". And he just turned 41. Possibly related is the fact that recently he doesn't seem to think he can ever have a mainstream hit.

    2. Should an "artist" of some sort with a very particular style always try to do something really different, especially if their reputation and/or profits start sagging? Examples include Wes Anderson, Michael Cera, and Tim Burton.

    3. What exactly does a "major film studio" make? Just (usually) having a North American market share of over 10%?

    4. Am I using too many run-on sentences?